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Now Offering Telehealth

I am a licensed therapist specializing in helping individuals, families, or children invest in their wellness. Let’s help you overcome challenges and cultivate a meaningful and fulfilling life. Book a free phone consultation with me today.

As each of us adjusts to post-pandemic life, COVID-19 still looms around the corner with newer variants that come with recommendations that change. I would like to continue to offer the necessary support for mental health needs while trying to do my part in reducing the opportunities that this virus has in being transmitted. 

I am conducting sessions through video conferencing and/or telephone as a way to reinforce the practice of socially responsible physical distancing for the safety of all patients and their loved ones. ​

Telehealth Services for post-pandemic
stress & anxiety relief.

Invest In Yourself

I believe that psychotherapy is more than just alleviating psychological distress. The ultimate goal would be to help you cultivate a meaningful and fulfilling life. There will be instances when you are feeling "stuck" or are experiencing suffering. The time is now to invest in yourself. This is when accessing guidance from a professional outside of the current situation may provide the necessary support.


To achieve this, I provide a safe and professional environment in which to explore areas of concern, difficulty, and strength. I believe our collaboration together will be key to face challenges and proceed with a more informed and aware perspective.

I am here to help you alleviate distress, turn over a new leaf, nurture your mind & spirit, find strength, and enhance your overall well-being.”
- Dr. Ginny Liwanpo
Personalized Approach

I practice with a collaborative perspective that focuses on awareness of life patterns, builds on strengths, and develops new coping strategies. With children, I utilize non-directive play therapy, and it is often an adjunct to parent education and coaching when a family comes to me. I integrate complementary techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each patient. With compassion and understanding, I work with each individual to help build on her/his strengths and attain the growth that s/he is committed to accomplishing. 

If you are in immediate crisis or in danger of harming you or someone else - these resources can provide you with the help you need.
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